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chaeban ice cream

Winnipeg’s first super-premium ice cream shop!
All natural, made in-house, from scratch.
Our focus is on high-quality ingredients.
We make every effort to source our ingredients locally.

Premium Ice Cream


We’re more than an ice cream shop. We’re a community.

Joseph Chaeban and his wife (and business partner) Zainab Ali needed help to get Zainab’s family safely to Canada and away from the Syrian war. They were met with the kindness and gracious support of the Osborne Community and were able to raise the money to sponsor Zainab’s family (of 13) to come to Winnipeg as refugees.

Our ice cream

Always made from scratch, right here in our shop!

With every effort to source locally grown, all-natural ingredients, we proudly produce our ice cream with raw milk from our friends at the Grenkow farm in Stonewall, MB and have partnered with a variety of other local, Manitoban businesses and farms! With a variety of flavours to choose from, including vegan options, it really is your scoop, your way!


our ice cream is

always handmade.
always from scratch.
always local.


Our Team

Servin’ up a double scoop of happiness!

Premium Ice Cream

joseph chaeban | Co-owner

Joseph is Chaeban Ice Cream’s fearless leader!
He loves all things dairy and can usually
be found sipping a coffee in the shop.

Premium Ice Cream

zainab ali | co-owner

Our flavour queen!
She works to dream up our yummy Chaeban
flavours and keeps Joseph in line.

Premium Ice Cream

saada | kitchen manager

Saada is Zainab’s big sister and an integral part of our shop! She works hard behind the scenes to make sure all of our ice cream is packaged and ready for sale!

Premium Ice Cream

caitlin | marketing director

Eats ice cream all day.
Manages all things Marketing.

Premium Ice Cream

john | ice cream expert

Premium Ice Cream

james | head barista & shop manager

The mastermind behind your beverages.
If James can’t make it, no one can!

Premium Ice Cream

mike | ice cream expert

I love all the new friends I’ve made here,
like Glen, Carl, Sally and Jane!

Premium Ice Cream

val | ice cream expert

Advocating for rice pudding ice cream.
Sign the petition.

Premium Ice Cream

shaden | ice cream expert

Like Shannon, but Shaden.
Get it?

Premium Ice Cream

mackenzie | ice cream expert

Turning the shop into an Ice Cream Musical
One Disney sing-a-long at a time.

Premium Ice Cream

mohamad | ice cream expert

Believes in eating straight outta the pint.
Pass the spoon.

Premium Ice Cream

ellis | ice cream expert